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Preferred Perverts

Our Exciting Customer Loyalty Program

A Privilege:

Sax Fetish invites you to join our customer loyalty program to say "thank you" for your ongoing custom. Affectionately called Preferred Perverts, this reward scheme will allow those who shop with us regularly access to gifts, give-aways and specials not available to the general public.

Loyalty program members will receive regular notification via email of exclusive deals and invitation to V.I.P (one day only) FLASH SALES. Every so often we make available specials for our Preferred Perverts ranging from double discounts days to exclusive daily Christmas Specials and free gifts with purchase.

Our Preferred Perverts can achieve three levels of membership.

BLUE Member
SILVER member
and yes BLACK Members are the highest level.

But to activate increasingly generous benefits our perverts must achieve Privilege Status based on cumulative purchasing.

Details on our Loyalty Program

We call the program Preferred Perverts and the card will be simply called a Privilege Card. All mail is plain wrap with no text or imagery indicating the nature of our business. We don't want to alarm your mother, wife, boyfriend etc (or give the surprise away!).

So that out of the way, here is how it works...

To activate increasingly generous benefits our perverts must achieve Privilege Status based on cumulative purchasing as follows:

  • $500 or more within a 12 month period activates the Blue Status or Regular Membership.
  • Over $1,000 of spending in any twelve month period activates Silver Status.
  • The customer achieves Black Status when they spend over $2,000. Once there you will enjoy some great discounts
  • Blue Privilege, Silver Privilege and Black Privilege:
    Once you hit any of these status levels you get to keep enjoying the associated privileges for a whole year even if you spend very little in that time.
  • Once that year is over you will drop back if you haven't been maintaining your spend. Alternatively we can offer you Status Insurance that will allow you to keep your status regardless of spending patterns for the very reasonable price of:

    • Blue Insurance $25
    • Silver Insurance $50
    • Black Insurance $75


  • When the member reaches Silver Status they will be automatically entitled to a one time $50 fully transferable Gift Voucher as an extra reward.
  • A one off congratulatory gift voucher for $100 will be given free to anyone achieving Black Status. Feel free to use this yourself or as a gift to a friend.
  • As an extra reward all Silver and Black privilege members can purchase online and receive their order completely freight free. That's right no matter what you order or where you are we will pick up the freight charges.
  • Periodically we will mail out to all card holders limited specials as well as happenings, parties and events of interest. Many specials will be available to every member upon presentation of their card. Those who have achieved Status level will be offered extra rewards and bonuses in accordance with our program schedule.
  • Every so often you will even get the 'odd' FREE gift with purchase.
  • Four days a year you are invited to a 'one-day-only' FLASH SALE. All products are reduced by a massive 20% for card holders only. Watch these emails. You will get one week notice maximum.

Discounts do not apply to:

  1. The Sale that takes them over the threshold to Privilege Status ie only after you have spent $500 will subsequent sales attract the 5% discount.
  2. Made to measure garments, equipment or accessories unless they are at standard retail (that is when we don't impose a surcharge for pattern making or workroom time to make the garment. As an example: say if you just need a longer leg for a pair of jeans. We don't charge any more for this so the sale would count for a discount if you have reached a status.
  3. Items that are already on special or discounted.
  4. Lay by sales.
  5. Sales where payment is made with either American Express or Diners Club.
  6. Sales of Party or Event Tickets
  7. Membership of our program is a privilege. Our staff are not obliged to extend an invitation to all customers. Customers who fail to meet our prescribed standards of conduct will be disqualified from the program.
  8. You must present your card when making your purchase and, sorry guys, the card isn't transferable. We might ask you for some other form of i.d.
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