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Product Care



Latex garments go on easiest if you apply baby powder to both your body and the garment. Be sure to remove excess air before putting on your garment (i.e., flatten the garment before putting on) and never attempt to put on a latex garment when your skin is damp. Be especially careful not to tear the fabric with your fingernails.

Latex clothing looks its best when it's highly polished. If you get baby powder on the outside, simply wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth and polish. We recommend CRC 808 Silicone Spray (this can be purchased at most hardware stores or K-Mart - automotive section). Be sure to read the manufacturers instructions before using and avoid any chemical contact with the skin. Make sure to wash the garments after you've worn them to avoid damage from the shine products as they do contain harsh chemicals.


These garments should be hand washed only with lukewarm water & a small amount of wool wash. Drying the garments is a two-step process. They should be drip-dried on a hanger. When the garments are dry, turn the garment inside out to dry the other side. They can also be wiped down with a dry towel. After the garment is completely dry coat both sides with talcum powder.

Do not use baby oil on your latex as it will degrade and damage the latex.


Best to store in a completely dry, dark area.



At Sax Fetish we hand select only the top grade hides specially for all our clothing and full vegetable tanned leather for our bondage equipment. All leather products need regular maintenance to ensure their lasting appeal and durability. Leather is a skin and like your own skin needs cleaning and nourishing. Continual contact with moisture (rain, sweat & urine etc.) can cause stiffening. In the case of sweat and urine the article should be wiped down immediately after use with warm soapy water (Lux flake, baby shampoo or a mild wool wash.) and a liberal coating of leather dressing (we suggest Ge-Wy Leather Dressing), should be applied while still wet.

Leather should never be dried in front of a direct heat source as this also causes stiffening of the hide. Leather should be dried while laid flat at room temperature. Definitely out of direct sunlight although sunshine is the best defense against mildew and mould. Once the leather has dried, reapply Ge-Wy and leave it to soak in. When the Ge-Wy has permeated the leather buff dry with a soft cloth and then apply Dubbin to provide a protective seal. Black Dubbin also helps to conceal scuffmarks. Always test the leather dressing before use on an area such as an inside seam or cuff. Wax can be removed by placing blotting paper on the leather and applying a cool/moderate iron. Keep applying the blotting paper to the wax spot until the paper is no longer absorbing the wax.

Oils and oil-based lubricants can be difficult to remove. A grease dissolving washing powder in a few tablespoons of water, rubbed slowly into the spots can help in their removal. As soon as stain is removed apply leather dressing.

Scuffmarks can be disguised by applying a shoe renovating polish or marker pen.


Most buckles, rivets, studs, snaps and rings etc. are nickel plated mild steel with the exception of chain and cock rings which are chrome plated mild steel. If the fittings are not cleaned regularly or cleaned after contact with moisture, rusting will occur. Rusting can be removed with Chrome cleaner available from your local car accessory store.