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31-Oct-2012 Leather body harnesses are one of our many specialties at Sax Fetish / L&D. The look, the fit, the quality and the designs are things we have sent many years fine tuning so we can offer the best possible harnesses on the market.
We start with the choices of leather. We make our harnesses available in a choice of belting leather (latigo) or a three-fold thickness of stitched motor cycle weight garment leather (nappa). We choose high grade Italian belting butt for our harnesses. The raw material is expensive compared to many other options available from our suppliers. Not only do we choose the best leather available to us we hand select each hide to avoid as far as possible scratches, brands and irregularities from the animal’s skin. When fitted correctly by our expert staff these harnesses look great, feel horny and have the robust strength for some hot and heavy play.
There are many cheaper options out there but your bargain may not turn out to be such great value for money. Some cheaper belting leather may have a laminated surface finish. If you bend the leather back and forth you can see that the surface will wrinkle. It will often move separately to the backing. If it is like that when new you can be assured that with movement and strain this will not wear well over time.
Another “nasty” out there in bargain harness land is what we call “McNugget” leather. Regrettably this “raw material” is very commonly used by Chinese manufacturers. In reality they probably invented it. The principle of how the leather is made is the same way the fast food giants make a chicken nugget. You take all the “meat and gristle” that is not a prime cut, mulch it together, add a binding agent (glue) and apply heat. In the world of leather once this composite product becomes worn, stressed or wet it starts to look and behave like cardboard. Now don’t fret if you have fallen for this “genuine leather” stamp. We routinely get requests to repair belts made on behalf of some of the biggest names in the fashion world made using this exact technique. A high ticket price and a hot fashion label does not always guarantee a quality product.
For those who prioritised comfort over strength our Nappa harnesses are perfect. Apart from our logo, our Nappa harnesses are recognisable as being constructed from three layers of rugged Motor Cycle Leather. Motor Cycle leather refers to a garment style of leather whose thickness ranges between .9mm and 1.4mm. For regular garments, underwear, shorts etc. we choose skins of between .7mm and .9mmm maximum to give you that soft lustrous feel. The type of hide we choose for harnesses needs more strength that this. The hides we use has a lovely pebbled finish so to look at you are reminded this is a natural product with texture and grain. The substance of the motor cycle hides give a weight to our harnesses that positively oozes testosterone.
The choice of fittings that go into making our harnesses receives the same level of attention as choosing the right leather. Most people are surprised to know that we source the various metal components from five different specialist suppliers. Eyelets come from a Company that just makes eyelets and, can you believe it, they still make them right in Melbourne? We love stories of the survival and success of other Australian manufacturers. So there are buckles to source, there are rivets, keepers and saddlery rings. All of these fittings are nickel plated so if you have a nickel intolerance let us know in advance we can often customise a solution for you.

The other warning to put out there is about the free and loose use of the description “Stainless Steel”. We have seen literally hundreds of sites proclaiming their metal products or fittings to be Stainless Steel. In cyber land it seems that Stainless Steel has become the generic description for anything chromed, metal or shiny. The reality is that very few of these fittings are available in actual Stainless Steel. Where they are it is with limited sizing, often prohibitively expensive and usually designed for a more industrial application.
Fear not, your nickel fittings can deliver many happy years of wear if you treat them right. The main enemy of metal is moisture. Left over time sweat, bodily fluids, water and lube can all cause your fittings to tarnish and ultimately rust. It’s not so great for the leather either. Too much moisture in contact with leather will attract mould spores. At the end of the night dry it off. Towel it down. Just a little bit of love and your harness with love you right back for it. A couple of tips though.
- Your mag wheel cleaner from Kmart will also smarten up your metal fittings a treat. Try applying it with an old toothbrush so it is contained to the metal and you will keep any harsh chemicals away from the leather as much as possible.
- Most decent jewellery shops will sell polishing cloths for very modest sum. They are perfect for restoring that brand new lustre to faded metal fittings. There are no chemicals involved with the jewellery cloth so you don’t risk compromising the leather. When you are done with your harness you won’t be able to resist the temptation to shine up your ring.
If your leather becomes dry and cracked looking then come and see us about an appropriate dressing. Do not get caught up in the idea that when it is new leather it should be dressed to make it softer. It’s a myth. Wear and use will make it softer. Remember your Dad or you uncle had this favourite old leather jacket. It had worn right into his shape and fitting like a comfy shoe. Same with your harness, wear it and it will soften with you. Of course if it’s a new belt leather harness and you are off to a big ol’ leather party that night then you do risk a bit of chaffing if this is the first time you have worn your harness. At the very least you will probably absorb some of the leather die. It’s alright it won’t hurt you and the jungle combat look is kind of hot anyway but we are digressing. Break down the fibres, rough it up a bit scruff it up and down. It will love it as much as you would. A little bit of rough play will get you both in the mood for your big night out.
We have been making harnesses for a very long time now and we make a lot of them in a heap of different styles across a wide sizing range. The sheer volume of our output together with an outright refusal to compromise on quality has meant we have had to build that better mousetrap. We believe we have struck that right balance combining the uniformity, consistency and accuracy with the processes we have automated with the personal hands on professional craftsmanship. Every strap is made by hand but it may be the hand that guides the clicking press, drives the belt splitter or presses the hydraulic eyelet press. At the end of the various process there is one very last set of hands that makes your harness and they hold a hammer in one and a small cylindrical rivet punch in the other. They also hold your new harness with a sense of pride in a job well done before the item ultimately hits our shelves.

Of course no matter how great a harness is it’s only as good as its fit. We laboured long and hard over our sizing chart to design in as many sizing permutations as we could without compromising on aesthetics. You might notice that each strap on our various buckle harness has five eyelets. The perfect fit is when they are all buckled in the centre at number three. There is balance, symmetry and sufficient adjustment up and down. Eyelet number three means the tongue is just far enough away from the ring(s) and sufficiently secure under the keeper. A well fitted harness should feel firm but not tight or uncomfortable. All of our styles come in Xs, Sm, Md, Lg and XL. If you don’t fit into any of these we are also happy to customise. Checking yourself in the mirror wearing the harness that is right for you and fits you “just so” will make you hot, make you want to push out your chest and bring out the bedroom gladiator in every man.
All of our staff are well versed in how to fit a harness for you and can give you some really valuable input into what harness will look best on you. We have incorporated features like embossing our logos into the shoulder straps so you will always get it on the right way up no matter how dark that room might be. We have also tried to accommodate designs to flatter a wide variety of body type so take on boards their advice. We won’t try and talk you out of something if you have your heart set on it but we really do want to send you and our harness out there looking smick together and ready to create some hot and horny new memories.